How much do you live consciously? – Part One

How much we live consciously is a very important question to ask. We could also ask how much we live consciously every day too? The two need to go together. If you feel you have some level of awareness, that’s important. It’s being able to have this self-awareness that sees what we’re doing and can challenge it – and then raise it to a higher level. So what’s the big deal? The answer is that much of humanity doesn’t do it, and very probably doesn’t get the import of the question. Unconscious living is typical. We’re caught up in mind … Read more

Awareness of presence in nature

It’s summer solstice time again. Here in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, where there has been quite a lot of rain, nature is looking richly abundant. It’s good to be up early in the mornings, while it’s still quiet, and breathe it all in, and feel presence in nature. It rained last night. The morning is damp and misty, warm now as it is summer at last, with the smells of the rain on the ground. There’s snails crawling up walls and plants, and lots of bird song, exuberant. In the moat on one side of this old village … Read more

Fear waits for nobody

Fear is a many-headed hydra. The hydra in mythology was a many-headed serpent or monster in Greek mythology that was slain by Hercules and each head of which when cut off was replaced by two others. Fear can do this. Fear waits for nobody. You think you can fix one issue in your thoughts, and then along, almost in parallel, come two more and it multiplies. It whirs around in the head, often in the guise of its offspring, anxiety and worry, taking you off where you don’t want to go. Fear is on the rise I don’t know about … Read more

Being in nature, in the moment

Being in nature, walking in nature, is a powerful way to become present, to connect. One just has to pay attention, to become aware of what is around us. We notice too our response, the stimulus to our sensations, the sounds we can hear, the beauty we see around us, the emotional uplift, and how it touches our spirit. Many humans live disconnected from it. The natural environment becomes objectified, to be used. It won’t be seen as alive and vibrant with energy. They won’t see it as part of them. Looking out of our window here, we see spring … Read more

Inner space of peace, outer space of peace

Isn’t that view calming? It might be, if you see it like that. But then you might not. It might just be a boring view. It depends on your perspective. You might prefer mountains. However, it might be that a peaceful scene resonates with an inner space of peace. One mirrors the other. However, if someone’s inner state is full of negative thoughts, they might need something more lively and exciting to distract themselves from their inner turmoil. One who has awakened is likely to have developed an inner quietness and stillness. They might know that this inner space is … Read more

Fear and anxiety can drive us and how we need to rise above it

Fear and anxiety are the great Ego disconnect. Fearful feelings can cut you off from your feelings of inner contentment in a flash. Joy vanishes, and you’re left with a whole set of uneasy sensations, like dread, restlessness, tension, rapid heartbeat, or panic. It has cousins like anxiety and worry that can plague you for ages. For those embarked on a spiritual path, for those seeking a more contented life full of a sense of wellbeing, it’s very important to learn to manage these feelings. Let’s be clear that fear and anxiety have a vital role to play. It helps … Read more

When caught up in the ego mind, just drop it

Lotus flower - opening to our potential

We can get totally caught up in mind stuff and not be aware that we are. We can go round in circles, doing the same old number. It’s like we get attached to it, like it’s part of us. In fact we might actually, perversely, like doing it! We might even know we need to do something about it, but don’t, or won’t. Sometimes it takes another to say, “Just drop it. Let it go”. The frenzy of the ego mind I was reading yet another article this morning on some media frenzy about a particular event. They’d been going … Read more

Being awakened to who we really are, and then when we aren’t

We might have awakened to who we really are, but life has somehow got in the way. It can get hard to stay on track, spiritually-speaking, when in the so-called real world there’s so much going on. It’s important to be clear what lit us up, what our vision was and still is, and to address what’s getting in the way and find ways to stay on track. I’ll share a bit about myself. An awakening experience For me, my awakening followed a series of major events that caused me to question where I was going. This included a bitter … Read more

A contented mind, a contented life

We can think we’ve got it, that we know how to manage our lives, that we know all about this stuff, inner contentment and having a contented mind. Then challenges come along that upend it all. We can be left wondering what it was all about and asking ourselves if any of what we learnt is of any use. Equally we can simply get complacent and old habits creep back in, and we think we don’t need our personal development learnings. You might think it’s there but you don’t really need it right now. Then suddenly it’s not OK at … Read more

Awakening to inner peace, even if there isn’t much out there

Those seeking inner peace can very often find it hard to attain and sustain when “out there” there’s a lot going on that disturbs their peace of mind. With the events occurring today, that can feel even harder, as many feel anxious and depressed by what’s happening. Yet in a way, for the seeker it is dramatic, but that’s nothing new. The world of the ego, which specialises in drama, is usually at it in some way! What’s perhaps important today is that many people need to awaken. It seems to the present writer that the times are propitious. When … Read more