This site is for those who want to know more about the various origins of our Smith family. It provides information about people’s ancestors that stretches back to medieval times. It also places these people in their historical social context in different ages, often in very different societies to those of today. This is ongoing work and more will be added as more is found out.

Family lines

There are four main family lines covered on this site, the Smith, Norris, Hammerson and Edge families. The first two are on the paternal side and the remaining two are maternal. Anybody who is living is omitted for privacy reasons and their parents are covered only very briefly. You will see that, as is the nature of genealogy, the names above will quickly branch out into other trees.

  • The Smith family goes back to Haverfordwest in Wales on the paternal side and Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland on the maternal.
  • The Norris family on the paternal side goes to Ledbury, Herefordshire and on the maternal to around Huddersfield, Yorkshire
  • The Hammerson line is on the paternal side from Liverpool, and on the mother’s side from the Weald of Kent with a branch also to Tralee in Ireland.
  • The Edge family on the father’s side is originally from Wem, Shropshire, with a branch that stems from Roade, Northamptonshire, and going further back into medieval history, to the Anglo-Norman aristocracy. The mother’s side is from the eastern side of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire.

A study of these families makes an interesting journey into the evolution of society in the British Isles.

Family tree

Below is a tree growing as it were from the parents of the author and going back four generations to the early 19th century.

To view a large size of this tree, click on the small picture below: