This site, which is under development, is based on genealogical research into my family. It has helped us solve a few family mysteries but also served as a vehicle to explore the evolution of our society since the Middle Ages. It is an ongoing project and will be expanded and developed as more data becomes available.

The research

So far much of the research has been online, using the resources of well-known ancestry websites, particularly the excellent ancestry.com and the amazing work of the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah through familysearch.org. However we have also used family resource material and some help from professional genealogists. In a number of areas the evidence is not fully adequate and will need further research.

About me

I’m an amateur genealogist, at least for the duration of this study, but also my background is as a historian by education and professionally, as a Modern History graduate of University College, Oxford, 1971, a qualified teacher (Post-graduate Certificate in Education, 1974, Oxford University) and a Director of History and Politics at Mill Hill School, London NW7 for 10 years. So, the research is part an enquiry into my forebears and part a vehicle for some historical research.