Here are some testimonials written by former clients, course participants and colleagues about my work


“Leading up to the last quarter I had reached a crossroads in my work and personal life. For me it meant that I was unsure of the best way forward for my career. I called John and asked if he was able to help. John listened to my full situation via a telephone call and was able to give me a resounding yes. This was of great relief as I was fairly low at this point. He invited me to his studio for an initial meeting where he mapped out my full situation. It was quite a big hurdle for me at this point, but by seeing this through it showed me, even at this early stage that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. John has a great skill of listening, and waiting until you have completely finished talking. I had 4 sessions with John in total and during this time from being at my low point, I felt re energised and able to face the job market with more confidence. I have recently been offered a new post with a new company and am really looking forward to the future.” (NW)

“My sessions with you have helped me to think through my attitudes and values and establish whether it’s my situation or my beliefs that I need to change. I’ve found your gentle challenges enormously valuable – you have made me face up to questions I was reluctant to address. Your experience and understanding have brought new perspectives to bear and I’ve been able to work out what I want from the future. Although I know it won’t be straightforward, I feel I am ready to tackle the next stage in my life with a stronger foundation, in the knowledge that we have been through a robust and disciplined process on which to base decisions about my life. Thank you. It’s been very useful and I’d have no hesitation in recommending your service.” (AR)

“I came to John this time for help in getting me over my fears and hesitations when it comes to charging for the work I do. One outcome of the conversations we have had has been the actual agreement of a client to a fee at probably twice the level that I would have dared to present if left to my own devices – a net difference of the order of, maybe, £5,000. Further, John has effected an enduring change in my understanding of my own commercial worth and has given me the weapons with which to protect that understanding. The true value in working with John lies in the connections he brings out between one’s deeper relationships, both with others and (more importantly) with oneself, and practical, ‘real world’ outcomes.” (JFHS)

“I had a few sessions with you a few years ago and just thought I’d let you know it really helped me with my indie dyeing business. I now dye wool and sell it online and also sell in two fantastic shops. I have also facilitied two workshops and have a magazine feature coming up. Thanks so much for your help. It gave me the push I needed to pursue my passion.” (RS)

“John is an excellent coach for senior management posts – he helped me develop my skills and self awareness to a point where I successfully competed for a very senior post in my organisation. He is easy to work with and helps to produce excellent results.” (SH, Senior Manager, UK Government Department)

“My coaching with John has been a really worthwhile process.  I feel very differently now that I have many useful tools to help me keep going and understand that I have choices in any situation and with difficult people.  It has made me take time out to challenge unhelpful beliefs and I see myself and my abilities in a much more positive light, working out what I want and how to ask for it.” (PS)

“John is without doubt the most professional and committed person I have worked with in a long time. He also makes all his clients feel welcomed and wanted. He always gets great feedback from clients he has worked with and seminars he has run.” (LB)

“Thank you so much for all the support and good tips you gave me. Our discussions gave me the confidence and understanding of my own skills and abilities to approach changing direction with more certainty and determination. It was so helpful to have an objective and positive view of my career and someone with whom to explore possibilities.Without our sessions I may not have been brave enough to take the first steps.” (MC)

“I knew from the first meeting that we would get on. John is a person who to me, would get on with anyone, he makes you feel relaxed. We started our sessions, very relaxed approach, not pressing, in other words, not being over loaded with questions. As each session went on, my opinion of myself was changing, I was being shown how I was reacting in certain situations, and now I was being shown the tools to deal with these. Overall very pleased with the sessions with John and would recommend John to anyone who was in similar situations”. (DF)

“John worked quickly and professionally with great poise and courage. He supported and challenged me in equal measure and I was through his skill able to make a breakthrough in my own development. John works ethically and pragmatically in a way which is likely to be experienced positively by pretty much any client”. (AJ)

“John is an outstanding consultant, a consummate professional and invaluable asset in supporting both organisational and individual change. Embracing the needs of the individual he is working with, John draws from a vast repertoire of skills and knowledge to achieve the desired goals.” (JI)

“It was the best training/development intervention I have ever had”.’ (AH)


“I experienced a very powerful group experience facilitated in a very skilled, safe and exceptional way. It was expertly led by group needs, but had a wonderful underlying structure which was informative and positively challenging. Close attention was paid to everyone’s needs and reasons for joining the course. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It was a wonderful experience that I know will have life changing consequences. A highly supportive experience.” (JG)

“I have learned as much from your way of presenting the workshop as I have from the work done with and within the group. Your affirmation and accepting approach has taught me how to create a “safe emotionally” environment for real life-changing work to take place”.

“Thank you for all your help – the course was wonderful and has made a hugely positive and lasting impression on me. I can’t thank you enough.” (CJ)

“I’ve attended two of John’s workshops, on Groupwork and Humanistic Coaching, and both were really good value, enjoyable and informative. His delivery is articulate, affable and to the point, his contact with his audience excellent. He both keeps the group keenly on its toes and gives careful consideration to the dilemmas individuals bring. A real human being with a glow, one not to miss.” (GG)

“I saw John in action as a coach for an event I was helping to organise and I was blown away by his subject knowledge, delivery and professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John as a life coach, I really believe he will make a welcome difference to your life.” (KA)

“I have been fortunate enough to have attended John’s workshops where his coaching skills, facilitation and overall abilities to aid a person in their personal development have been excellent.  The groups I’ve been a part of have benefited enormously from his talents and experience. John’s approach is one that puts a person immediately at ease and he has a great ability to hear what’s not said as well as what is said.  He has a good enquiry technique which is gentle yet persistent, always pacing the client well in order to help them get the best out of themselves and to be able to move forward with confidence.  His observations are astute. Despite my long corporate experience in the Music Industry and at senior management level, John has helped me discover aspects within that I’ve not previously recognised.” (RK)