Awakening to who we are

This time is very propitious, a time for us to access our power of Awareness and connect with Who We Really Are, a time of awakening.

For people engaged in personal and spiritual development, and in the context of the current crises in the world, awakening is to awaken to Who we really are, to connect with the experience of It and to own It.

Currently the Ego is having a great time with our lives and giving plenty of rein to people who arguably aren’t serving themselves and us in the way we might ultimately like. Thus it’s important to address some fundamental questions.

We are already awake

We are already awake; we just don’t know it or we keep forgetting it or disconnecting from it. One moment we may feel connected and the next distracted or absorbed. Sometimes this can be for a long time, until things happen which impel us to look more deeply within. This is the power of the Ego which can strongly resist our inner truth.

The power of awareness is there to help us reconnect. We only need to pay attention. It’s very simple. It’s the Ego that makes it difficult.

Being aware is Conscious Living, the power of Now, being Present. It’s only a breath away.

Take a deep breath now

As you breathe in, feel it in your body too

Take a moment to be Present with your Self

This awareness is far more profound. It is an inner knowing, something we’ve found for ourselves, an inner experience, a depth of inner spirituality.

Our path, if it is that, is to more and more anchor ourselves in That state and own it in our lives – and support others on their path too.

The current situation

The current situation is alarming for many people. There are so many upheavals going on in the world and people feel threatened: climate change, disease, the cost of living, war, mass migration, political turbulence. Some suggest that we are even moving backwards and it seems to them that there are certain people that are behaving like children playing with matches, and could blow us all up. Things don’t seem to be working.

The time to awaken, however, is perfect. There is another way. Humans have choice.

This is not to be prescriptive. It’s what each of us choose for ourselves. There are however 5 core characteristics:

The 5 core characteristics of Awakening

(1) This is a love-based paradigm, unconditional love, a love that even “passeth all understanding”. There is no room here for hate and anger towards others or ourselves. In this state, we are all One.

(2) There is no separation. Currently we have a separation pathology, us versus them, division, duality, polarity, alienation, right versus wrong.

(3) There is no need. There is enough, even though the world seems to say the opposite. One does not require something of another. One freely gives unconditionally. At the moment a lot of people are struggling to hold on to what they have and it isn’t working.

(4) There is mutual respect. There is no violence, killing or war. We are honest with ourselves and each other. We don’t lie, deceive, rob, exploit, or murder our fellow beings. In the world of Ego, people compete with each other, control or dominate, or resort to killing each other. In the understanding that we are all One, we’re doing this to ourselves. No wonder some say it’s dysfunctional.

(5) There is a balance with nature, and we love all beings, entities, physicalities and presences. Humans at present seem to practice the opposite and the climate is rebelling.

This way of Being is beyond Ego. It’s time

The next few posts will explore these themes and characteristics in more detail.