Being in nature, in the moment

Being in nature, walking in nature, is a powerful way to become present, to connect. One just has to pay attention, to become aware of what is around us. We notice too our response, the stimulus to our sensations, the sounds we can hear, the beauty we see around us, the emotional uplift, and how it touches our spirit.Being in nature. View of garden and valley of Lot beyond

Many humans live disconnected from it. The natural environment becomes objectified, to be used. It won’t be seen as alive and vibrant with energy. They won’t see it as part of them.

Looking out of our window here, we see spring approaching summer. It’s getting warmer. This is when nature takes off, springing into life. All around is lush green vegetation, with vibrant colours. There are lots of blackbirds. There’s often one outside the window in the cherry tree but the village and the valley rings to their sound. There’s the expanse of sky and stretching away lies the Lot valley. It’s not the time to see the Pyrenees on the horizon but they are there too, sharp, snow covered peaks. When we walk in the garden among the trees, we feel their energy, caress their leaves, the standing people, present too as silent witnesses to the beauty of life.

Being in nature is a very present-moment experience. It draws one’s awareness away from one’s thoughts to pay attention to what’s there, right in front of us, bursting with life. Here, in the process, we are connecting with awareness, becoming conscious of consciousness.

There are lots of ways of cultivating being present. Being outside in nature is just one. We might be walking, listening to music, running, meditating, being with animals, playing with children, being with other people.

We just need to become aware.

It’s very simple, but the Ego is powerfully, habitually entrenched and it can take an effort. The Ego has erected a filter, so that we tune out what’s around us and we remain caught up in our thoughts.

We need to shift our awareness into the Now, to tune in, and notice, and be present with the experience.

You can use the breath. One or two deep breaths, let go, step back from the stream of thoughts, attend to the moment, notice what or who you’re with. Really tune in and be aware. Allow it in. Breathe it in. Be present with That. Be there, in the moment.

Pure joy beckons.