Fear and anxiety can drive us and how we need to rise above it

Fear and anxiety are the great Ego disconnect. Fearful feelings can cut you off from your feelings of inner contentment in a flash. Joy vanishes, and you’re left with a whole set of uneasy sensations, like dread, restlessness, tension, rapid heartbeat, or panic. It has cousins like anxiety and worry that can plague you for ages. For those embarked on a spiritual path, for those seeking a more contented life full of a sense of wellbeing, it’s very important to learn to manage these feelings. Let’s be clear that fear and anxiety have a vital role to play. It helps … Read more

Being awakened to who we really are, and then when we aren’t

We might have awakened to who we really are, but life has somehow got in the way. It can get hard to stay on track, spiritually-speaking, when in the so-called real world there’s so much going on. It’s important to be clear what lit us up, what our vision was and still is, and to address what’s getting in the way and find ways to stay on track. I’ll share a bit about myself. An awakening experience For me, my awakening followed a series of major events that caused me to question where I was going. This included a bitter … Read more

Knowing who you are and who you are not

Knowing who you are - looking back at reflections in the mirror

Identity, how you define who you are, has become an important way people see themselves and how they relate to others. For the self-aware awakened person, spiritually speaking, this poses a dilemma. Am I part of a greater Whole or am I different from others who don’t think like that? Knowing who you are is important, but also who you are not as the limited ego self. It might be great being blissed out on the mountain top chanting “Om”, but I’ve also got to live in the so-called “real world” with all that stuff going on. One might have … Read more

Need, expectation and jealousy are the three love destroyers

The three love-killers need, expectation and jealousy are a powerful trio which both singlely and all together can wreck relationships with others. Sometimes they are obvious, at other times subtle and insiduous, and we may not consciously know that we have shifted into one or more of these states. The challenge in self awareness is to recognise when they are present and “get off it” and let them go. It can be sometimes very difficult to disentangle need, expectation and jealousy from love but they can cut across the clear, simple, unconditional caring for another and poison it entirely. Need … Read more

Need and want can be very destructive ego strategies

Two of the most powerful self-limiting strategies must be that of need and want, especially when fuelled by a sense of lack, of “not enough”. After all they are thoughts that not only fuel much of our economics and politics at the macro level but also, at the micro level, for some it drives the need to meet every-day needs in order to survive, and for others to satisfy the seemingly insatiable hunger for more and more of the material trappings of life. It is so pervasive that we don’t think of questioning it, but instead we assume it to … Read more

Being in survival mode is ego

For our ego watch today we’ll take the whole survival mentality, since this is where people can so easily go when faced with economic challenge and hardship. It’s become really salient with climate change. After all, it’s so easy, although that’s not how we’d like to see it! You read all sorts of scary headlines about the economy, share or stock prices, house prices, flooding, forest fires, or whatever, and the heart starts beating fast, you go cold, a terror gets a hold, and in a panic you start thinking of all sorts of cataclysmic scenarios. Or you feel like … Read more

Being unattached to the outcome

Do you find you can’t let go of what you want and keep on at it even when all the signs are that it probably won’t work. This is where one gets “attached” to an outcome. It’s all too familiar and often doesn’t serve us. Instead we can benefit from being unattached instead. For example, have you ever found you’ve wanted someone else to do something for you and despite your efforts he or she persists in not doing what you ask? You think you’ve made your request pretty plain but what you get back is not what you wanted. … Read more