Awareness of presence in nature

It’s summer solstice time again. Here in this part of the Northern Hemisphere, where there has been quite a lot of rain, nature is looking richly abundant. It’s good to be up early in the mornings, while it’s still quiet, and breathe it all in, and feel presence in nature. It rained last night. The morning is damp and misty, warm now as it is summer at last, with the smells of the rain on the ground. There’s snails crawling up walls and plants, and lots of bird song, exuberant. In the moat on one side of this old village … Read more

Awakening to inner peace, even if there isn’t much out there

Those seeking inner peace can very often find it hard to attain and sustain when “out there” there’s a lot going on that disturbs their peace of mind. With the events occurring today, that can feel even harder, as many feel anxious and depressed by what’s happening. Yet in a way, for the seeker it is dramatic, but that’s nothing new. The world of the ego, which specialises in drama, is usually at it in some way! What’s perhaps important today is that many people need to awaken. It seems to the present writer that the times are propitious. When … Read more

Where is your sanctuary?

Do you have a place of sanctuary to which you can periodically retreat, get away from the world at large and feel safe and at one? What for you is a place of sanctuary? For some it’s perhaps a religious place and many may think of a church, monastery, or other spiritual place. In the Middle Ages, sanctuary was also where one went for safe keeping against the vengeance of some one, say in a Cathedral or other religious institution. One example in England is Beverley Minster. For others, it might be a special place, such as in your house … Read more