Being awakened to who we really are, and then when we aren’t

We might have awakened to who we really are, but life has somehow got in the way. It can get hard to stay on track, spiritually-speaking, when in the so-called real world there’s so much going on. It’s important to be clear what lit us up, what our vision was and still is, and to address what’s getting in the way and find ways to stay on track. I’ll share a bit about myself. An awakening experience For me, my awakening followed a series of major events that caused me to question where I was going. This included a bitter … Read more

In the end is a beginning

There’s a poignancy to autumn at this time, damp, wet, a chill in the air, sun shining low through golden leaves that cling forlornly to thinning trees. The summer is replaced by autumn and winter beckons. All is decaying – but then all is also preparing for the next spring. The end of October is, it is said, a time when the veils between the two worlds are thinner, at the time of the feast of Samhain. No wonder many often choose to leave. This time of ending, of closure, is a sad time, but it can also contain the … Read more

The dark night of the soul comes to test us and teach us

Have you had hard times when things have been such that you’ve hit prolonged periods of pain, depression or illness? Have there been really hard times in your life when all has seemed to be going against you? Sometimes we hit really low points when we despair or feel utterly stuck and constrained. This is when life seems to close in on us and it appears that this is all we’ve got. Some people call this sort of time a dark night of the soul. The phrase “dark night of the soul” derives from the 16th century Spanish mystic, St … Read more