Fear and anxiety can drive us and how we need to rise above it

Fear and anxiety are the great Ego disconnect. Fearful feelings can cut you off from your feelings of inner contentment in a flash. Joy vanishes, and you’re left with a whole set of uneasy sensations, like dread, restlessness, tension, rapid heartbeat, or panic. It has cousins like anxiety and worry that can plague you for ages. For those embarked on a spiritual path, for those seeking a more contented life full of a sense of wellbeing, it’s very important to learn to manage these feelings. Let’s be clear that fear and anxiety have a vital role to play. It helps … Read more

Where is your sanctuary?

Do you have a place of sanctuary to which you can periodically retreat, get away from the world at large and feel safe and at one? What for you is a place of sanctuary? For some it’s perhaps a religious place and many may think of a church, monastery, or other spiritual place. In the Middle Ages, sanctuary was also where one went for safe keeping against the vengeance of some one, say in a Cathedral or other religious institution. One example in England is Beverley Minster. For others, it might be a special place, such as in your house … Read more