To study the Edge family genealogy is to make an interesting exploration into how people lived a very traditional land-based rural existence until, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, many moved into the industrial conurbations. It is also a reminder that our ancestry goes back a very long time and we can have unexpected connections.

The Edges of the West Midlands and Shropshire

Our Edge family on the paternal side, George Josiah Edge (1876-1964), has a strong presence in the West Midlands in the metal-working industries and before that is found in rural Shropshire (read more).

The Marriotts of Northamptonshire

Meanwhile on George’s mother’s side, the Marriott family are from the area round Roade in Northamptonshire as yeomen farmers. To follow the Marriott line back further can take one on an interesting journey into the medieval aristocracy. (read more)

The Thackwells of Worcestershire

On the maternal side, Frances Ellen White (1871-1936), one family line from her grandmother, Elizabeth Thackwell (1791-1880), is the Thackwell family, a gentry family on the eastern side of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire (read more).