How much do you live consciously? – Part One

How much we live consciously is a very important question to ask. We could also ask how much we live consciously every day too? The two need to go together. If you feel you have some level of awareness, that’s important. It’s being able to have this self-awareness that sees what we’re doing and can challenge it – and then raise it to a higher level. So what’s the big deal?

Being Awake online course
Being Awake online course

The answer is that much of humanity doesn’t do it, and very probably doesn’t get the import of the question. Unconscious living is typical. We’re caught up in mind stuff.

Here are some example questions to ask yourself:

Thought and thought chatter

Thought chatter can absorb your attention: do you notice when your mind has gone off on some trip? Pausing and noticing it is important. You might try a road map of where you went, and how many topics you got through before you’ve even noticed where you’ve gone. Just don’t blame the satnav!


How connected do you feel with the world around you, or disconnected and remote from it. Do you for example walk amongst some flowers and find you’ve not even noticed them? How much too do you key into what’s going on around you and with people near you? Do you feel the energy of what’s around you? Living unconsciously can mean we miss the power and vibrancy of the universe and what it can offer us. Pause next time, and breathe it in.


Do you feel separate from others? Separateness is a core pathology. Many of us live in our bubbles. We’ve even created little fortresses to try to keep the world out and think we’re safe.

Groups and group identification

To try to feel better, we associate with others in groups, and feel different from other groups, like religions, ethnicities, nationalities, or cultures, and so feel self-righteous. We tend to find ourselves in dispute with these other groups.

Lack of love

Yet the irony is that what we really need is to love and be loved. Would you like more love in your life? It’s hard when we’re so isolated from one another. What we yearn for we keep at bay. Another irony is that what we seek “out there” lives within us, if only we would take a look. But the ego fortress won’t let us. Crazy.

We could go on. The list can seem endless. That too is Ego. “Hey, I’ve got more where that came from”.

Letting it go

We think this is who we are. But we’re hooked on the ego treadmill.

Letting it go can seem so very hard to do

Yet it can just be a breath away.

In the next moment of awareness

But that’s not how our minds work when caught up in the limited ego. Back can come that “stuff”.

Being awake – live consciously

Awakened people however – those who live consciously – can just drop it. They don’t give it a second thought.

There’s great power when you realise you can just let it go, that you have this power. You probably already use it a bit.

We explore this great skill of letting it go in our new online self-paced course, “Being Awake”.

You can build this ability.

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