Inner space of peace, outer space of peace

Isn’t that view calming? It might be, if you see it like that. But then you might not. It might just be a boring view. It depends on your perspective. You might prefer mountains. However, it might be that a peaceful scene resonates with an inner space of peace. One mirrors the other. However, if someone’s inner state is full of negative thoughts, they might need something more lively and exciting to distract themselves from their inner turmoil. One who has awakened is likely to have developed an inner quietness and stillness. They might know that this inner space is one where they can observe but not get “caught up” in negative thoughts but instead notice them and let them go. The Ego is full of such mind chatter. To let go of ego is to cultivate inner space, an inner sanctum.

Arcachon Bay
Arcachon Bay

Nurture your inner state of calm

Like so much, it’s about our perception and how we manage our state. What’s important is to nurture your inner state of calm and not to be at the effect of external occurrences. This can often be a challenge, especially when things come along which upset the apple cart. We went to stay in an apartment with the view in the photo. It’s in Arcachon, a nice, quite smart resort on a gulf by the Atlantic Ocean. The gulf is protected from the stormy Bay of Biscay by a great sand promontory at Cap Feret. It’s a great place to meditate. Then we went to Paris and stayed in Montmartre. It’s a place famous for artists before World War One, and it is full of quaint narrow streets to wander around and there’s the view of Paris at the Sacré Coeur basilica. Yet today, in contrast to when I last went there in 1971, it’s heaving with mass tourism. Yet we found that at the back of the basilica there’s a little oasis of peace in the parish church, St Pierre, a lovely medieval place where you can sit and absorb the energy of the space, like it was far away from the madding crowd. Another place to meditate if you’re in Paris!

One can always find one’s inner space of peace and calm.

The more we develop an inner space of centred awareness and know we can access it when we choose, the more we can create experiences that do not disrupt that state. It’s also more likely that we can then attract what we need and not be attached to, and can let go of, what we don’t need. It’s like it’s an anchor in our world. Things work out OK. I used to travel a lot to run workshops. When I got there, I would meditate for at least half an hour before going in and doing the work. When delivering the event, I would focus part of my awareness on my inner space and hold that awareness while working. I usually found it enabled me to respond appropriately to whatever was going on, which could get quite emotional at times. I wouldn’t get hooked by the stuff “out there”. I do believe it positively impacted the outcome of the event. Of course, like others who do this kind of work, I had previously done work on myself to build that inner awareness. So in a world that seems to be in an almost existential crisis, this is where it is so important to build our inner awakened state, our inner space. There’s a shift in process, though it might not seem like it. People are building their conscious awareness. We do not have to be the victims in what’s happening. People with a strong conscious energy can impact others. The Ego’s time is up. The inner work however needs to come first. The fact that you’re reading this might mean that you too share the unfolding process at some level. We hope to share with you more of how this can occur within us. Inner peace, world peace.