Edith May Norris’s family consist of two wings, one on the paternal side in Herefordshire, and the other, the maternal side, from the West Riding of Yorkshire.

Paternal family: Norris of Ledbury

Here the Norris’s are from Ledbury, Herefordshire, on the southern side of the Malvern Hills. As so often families tended to be in similar occupations, so the Norris’s are in the hospitality trade, publicans and innkeepers. However, Edith’s father looks to have been an accountant and worked on the railways, latterly in Cape Colony, South Africa, which started a family connection with what was then a British colony. It is here in Africa that his daughter, Edith, met and married John Henry Smith. To read more

Maternal family: Bradley, Vevers and Kilner of Huddersfield

On Edith’s mother’s side, Edith came from Barnsley in Yorkshire and the family also had a connection with the drinks trade, but they originally came from Huddersfield and the area nearby, at the time of the start of the Industrial Revolution in the Yorkshire wollen industry. Before that, we can trace a branch, the Kilners, back to 1525, as tenant farmers around Kirkheaton. To read more

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