Life is sacred. But often we abuse it.

From a higher perspective, all life is sacred. As a yogi told us, “See God in each other”. The Bible instructs, “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”. Depending on your perspective, this energy extends to all entities and beings, sentient and insentient, in physical form and not. Thus life is honoured and people are treated accordingly. A key glue in human interaction is mutual respect. However, that is not how many humans live their lives. Honesty A simple litmus test is the extent to which we encounter lies and deceit in our daily lives. How truthful are we? It’s … Read more

Knowing who you are and who you are not

Knowing who you are - looking back at reflections in the mirror

Identity, how you define who you are, has become an important way people see themselves and how they relate to others. For the self-aware awakened person, spiritually speaking, this poses a dilemma. Am I part of a greater Whole or am I different from others who don’t think like that? Knowing who you are is important, but also who you are not as the limited ego self. It might be great being blissed out on the mountain top chanting “Om”, but I’ve also got to live in the so-called “real world” with all that stuff going on. One might have … Read more

Meditation is allowing yourself to simply be

“Meditation is what happens when you sit with the intention to meditate” What’s your image of meditation? What words does it conjure up for you? How might you feel? Many might imagine someone sitting on a rock with a background of a calm sea, with their legs crossed and arms extended and resting on their knees with each index finger and thumb touching. Or on a yoga course after a yoga work-out. Or do you get the idea that’s difficult and only for terribly spiritual or flaky people? You might have tried it and given up, with all those thoughts … Read more

Need, expectation and jealousy are the three love destroyers

The three love-killers need, expectation and jealousy are a powerful trio which both singlely and all together can wreck relationships with others. Sometimes they are obvious, at other times subtle and insiduous, and we may not consciously know that we have shifted into one or more of these states. The challenge in self awareness is to recognise when they are present and “get off it” and let them go. It can be sometimes very difficult to disentangle need, expectation and jealousy from love but they can cut across the clear, simple, unconditional caring for another and poison it entirely. Need … Read more

Being attuned to others

Talking with people in organisations, beneath the surface of the everyday activities that go on, I frequently hear how tough today’s work environment is for them. In the public sector it is the cutbacks and the consequences for people’s jobs, in the private sector it is the consumer slow-down in spending and the faltering world economy. Personally people are feeling financially very under pressure and squeezed. Optimism is less common. One businessman said to me on Friday that he felt people have become very self-centred and survival-oriented, a kind of emphasised “me-first” attitude. In this environment, it is tempting to … Read more

Choosing not to be consumed by fear

Is it feeling like the world’s gone crazy – a new virus, recession, climate change, Brexit, you name it – it’s all happening at once? The barriers are coming down and people are shutting off. Everywhere there’s a sense of doom and fear. How do we cope inside with all this? Let’s look at some strategies for managing the situation for us ourselves inside. I don’t mean the practicals of living at present, and many of us are probably feeling stretched on that count alone. I’m thinking of how we are responding inside. How could the self aware, mindful person … Read more

Being the watcher of your self

So much of the time, we’re busy, hectic, rushing, no time for anything, madly dashing to get somewhere, moving on to the next thing, busy, busy, busy. So, this time, as you are about to plunge into your next day or moment of busyness, just pause a moment and give yourself, your self, some space. Just pause, breathe deeply, let go, and be aware. And rest in that awareness a few moments. Take it in, within you. We’re often so busy that we don’t have the mental space to pause and just be aware of our selves. It’s habitual, this … Read more