Being Awake Online course

Being Awake

Awakening to Who You Really Are

In a world that’s constantly shifting and often feels overwhelming, we crave something real and meaningful. Our programme Being Awake is about discovering who you truly are amidst the chaos. Many are awakening to profound new truths about life, consciousness, and their own essence.

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Course Highlights:

  • Living an Awakened Life
  • Learn what it means to live fully awake
  • Develop the ability to be present and consciously aware
  • Increase your connectedness and conscious awareness
  • Understand and overcome ego barriers
  • Discover key shifts to enhance your awakening journey
  • Engage in exercises and techniques for ongoing spiritual practice
  • Take practical steps to further your journey of self-discovery

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Course Modules

  1. Awareness and Conscious Living

Explore the difference between being awake and unawake. Learn about the crisis of ego many face today, understand various levels of wakefulness, and create your personal vision for the course.

  1. Being Present

Cultivate present-moment awareness, a vital tool for personal and spiritual growth. Learn mindfulness techniques and how to overcome ego limitations.

  1. Letting it Go

Identify and release the limited self created by the ego. Understand egoic patterns, manage your mind, and embrace authenticity.

  1. Who Am I?

Go beyond the ego to discover your true potential. Create opportunities for breakthroughs that elevate your awareness and uncover the deeper aspects of your being.

  1. Connecting with Love

Learn about the importance of relationships in spiritual practice. Explore how connection and separateness affect our lives, and how to find unconditional love and heal wounds.

  1. Creating Inspired Vision

Balance thought and action by clarifying your inner and outer purpose. Set creative intentions and practice non-attachment to build awareness.

  1. Consciousness of Being

This mystery module, to be added later, will deepen your awareness of being through regular practice and techniques from earlier modules.

Ongoing Access

After completing the course, enjoy continuous access to the program and new materials for one year, renewable.

Course Includes:

  • One or two 30-45 minute videos for each module (Total: 6 hours)
  • Guided closed-eye processes
  • Reflections, exercises, and homework
  • Accompanying e-book
  • Downloads
  • Free online community membership

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What You Can Gain:

  • Clear goals for personal growth
  • Practical steps to make meaningful changes
  • Insights and validations of your progress
  • Tools to design your own spiritual practice
  • Profound experiences of consciousness beyond thought

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People embark on this journey for various reasons, whether seeking new meaning, coping with life changes, or simply feeling a call to explore. This course is designed to support your self-directed inquiry and growth, no matter where you are on your path.


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